May 2020 - Twilight Green Natural Vegetable Tealights

On Behalf of Nature… Thank You!

Now it is possible to choose a responsible and natural tealight for your home. Our Twilight Green Natural Vegetable Tealights give you more than 6 hours of warm and environmentally-friendly light. Reduce your footprint by choosing Twilight Green Natural Vegetable Candles. Nature will thank you for this! Not only are our tealights made with natural, plant-based ingredients: the production facility that manufactures the tealights manufactures its products with 100% solar energy.

Twilight Green Natural Vegetable Tealights… the world’s first natural tealights

• 100% Plant-Based Compostable Cup

• 100% Natural GMO-free vegetable wax

• Natural eco-cotton, lead-free wicks

We know as a fact that large collections of everyday waste, or trash, is resulting in an unprecedented amount of pollution for our environment. Everything from, plastic bottles in grand swaths through the ocean, to large amounts of methane being released into the air is wreaking havoc to the environmental balance on this planet. While the problem of global pollution can seem overly daunting, each of us can have a surprisingly impactful role on its solution. Choosing Twilight Green Natural Vegetable Tealights guarantees you of an environmental-friendly choice: The world’s first natural tealights. The cups we use are made out of plant based materials, instead of aluminum. The wax is made out of rapeseed oil, instead of petroleum based oil. The wick is made out of eco-cotton.

Instructions for Disposal

As our cups are made out of plant based materials, the cups can be composted according to the PLA 7 protocol. The Austrian TUV tested the composting capability and accredited the composting according an industrial process called 7P2159. To make the cup compost-ready, you need to remove the metal wick sustainer. This small metal plate is necessary to ensure a safe flame. You can dispose this plate in the metal recycling container. Unfortunately not all municipalities collect organic materials for industrial composting. Our product asks for a 10 week composting time at 100 degrees Celcius and 1 Newton of pressure. After this process, the only residue will be pure water – without the emission of toxins!